It is so hot here. I wake up dripping with sweat. There is no fan in the boy’s room and it feels like an inferno. Breakfast is on us, but the institute serves the two other meals. We make Vietnamese coffee with the machine we just bought and then we go out with Nak to buy a bicycle because motorcycle is expensive and it is too hot to walk around.
هواي اينجا خيلي گرمه و صبح خيس عرق بيدار ميشم. پنكه تو اتاق ما پسرا نيست و جهنميه. صبحونه به عهده خودمونه و دو وعده ديگه رو موسسه ميده. با دستگاهي كه خريديم قهوه ويتنامي درست ميكنيم و بعدش با ناك راه ميفتيم تا دوچرخه بخريم چون موتور گرونه و پياده نميشه تو اين گرما سر كرد.